Sikkim: breaking Indian stereotypes..

What is a picture of India inside your head?

well the place where I belong is nowhere closer to your imagination, yet it is an integral part of India,  the irony is, rest of the country hardly know we exist.Yes we have often faced questions like “Sikkim? where is it?”, and “Is it a part of China?” and other discouraging comments from most of the mainland Indian population when we say that we hail from Sikkim. often ignoring their lack of geography and national heritage, we move along, trying not to explain where we belong and what we are.

well this is for all the Indians why is Sikkim famous all over the world, yet is still an enigmatic state of well balanced cultural and modern framework.

A view of Gangtok at night

Ten reasons why Sikkim is different than the rest of the country:

1) The people: the most important asset of a place is its people. and it is the reason why Sikkim flourishes with extravagant bloom! the people are simple, hospitable and open minded on topics that are a reason of debate in rest of the Indian sub-continent. be it cultural integrity, or communal harmony, or hospitality, the people of this small state are the most generous among any region in India.


forgot  your cellphone in a taxi? don’t worry, it will be delivered to you within the next few hours.

2) Women: worried about eve teasing? don’t worry, you can honeymoon here without any disturbances. Women are treated with utmost respect in this state and there is zero tolerance against women abuse.


And beware! you are not to tease them too. we don’t tolerate tourists teasing our girls either!

3)Environmental/scenic beauty: with tourism as a major source of economy, Sikkim has a breathtaking range of landscapes, monuments, and tourists destinations that will question your perception of a typical Indian tourism scenario.


 gangtok                                                                    photographers, enlighten yourself!

4) Sanitation:awarded with multiple distinctions in cleanliness and environmental protection, Sikkim is been entitled as the “cleanest state in India”  and is the only state to have achieved 100% sanitation rate. You never have to worry about closing your eyes (or your children’s eyes) when you see somebody peeing on the streets, we despise such acts of public shame. Sikkim is a litter and spit free zone. and you will be fined heavily upon doing so!image_resize

what more can you brag for?

Did I  mention smoking is banned here?

5) Education: with education rate of nearly 82.2%,Sikkim is among the leading states of India in this sector.an1

Language problems? not any more. don’t know local language? ask in English!

6) M.G Marg:

0004-jpg_063058img_8551Yes it is overrated, yes we are proud of it! you will never see anything like this in the rest of the country.

7) Music: with most of the country stuck with Bollywood music, Sikkim has a great taste for rock n roll, Blues and EDM. Visit any pub and you’ll feel the difference.

GATC maxresdefault

 you gotta be a blues-man if you gotta feel the music here.

8) Traffic: you will seldom see any road accidents in any town, thanks to the ever cautious traffic police and the people itself.

hospital dara

driving in the wrong lane? get ready for your ticket!

9) cultural heritage: there has never been a single riot in the history of Sikkim because of communal disturbance. Sikkim is proud of its people and their culture. from traditional medicines to fashion fabrics, this State has the most colourful culture you can ever see in one place.

Singhi cham dance

don’t forget to get tipsy on the local wine “CHHANG”.

10) Social security: You never have to constantly run your finger down your back pockets to check for your wallet. nobody will steal it from you.


 its a Sikkim police guarantee!

Well there it is! the small, self-sustaining state of Sikkim, which has been idolized by various countries about it innovative ideas and uniqueness, yet the rest of the country still wonders where is it?

And for all those people who, despite reading this still wonder who are we, then here is your answer:



69 thoughts on “Sikkim: breaking Indian stereotypes..

  1. Gangtok my Dream City I had visited in mid 1980s for a week’s Stay. Earlier spent
    4 years in TURA MEGHALAYA INCL one year in Shillong city after 1971 WAR. And all other hill cities. But GANGTOK is miles Apart and AHEAD Of ALL. DETAILS WELL DESCRIBED IN THE ARTICLE . KUDOS IS DUE TO AUTHORS. BEST WISHES FOR SIKKIM & GANGTOK. Lt Gen Prakash Katoch. Col Puneet Kapoor. Anirban Ganguly. Tathagata Roy.


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